The Message of Fatima and St. Robert Bellarmine

In the traditional Roman rite the feast of St. Robert Bellarmine has been celebrated on May 13.  It was on May 13, 1917, that Our Lady made her first apparition to the three children in Fatima.  Although St. Robert Bellarmine lived before the Fatima apparitions, there is a relationship between Fatima and the doctrine of Cardinal Bellarmine.  For just as Our Lord often spoke in parables, which by their very nature are symbolic, Our Lady provided a vision to the three children at Fatima in the Third Secret, which Sister Lucia described as a “symbolic revelation” (letter of May 12, 1982).  And St. Thomas Aquinas explained in the first Question of the Summa Theologica, article 9, the role that symbols play in the communication of revelation.  Three centuries after St. Thomas, and another three centuries before Fatima, Cardinal Bellarmine provided the explanation of the symbolism that Our Lady would use in the Third Secret. Read more.

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From Communion in the Hand to

No Communion

The office of Preserving Christian Publications is located near a village of approximately 2,000 inhabitants in upstate New York.  On Holy Saturday of this year, the local parish church was locked, and there was a sign on the door indicating that the bishop had ordered all churches closed until Easter Monday. Although diocesan churches were to be locked on Easter Sunday, we travelled eighty miles to a Latin Mass celebrated outdoors by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X – after which the SSPX priests distributed Communion, because local civil authorities would not allow Communion to be distributed during Mass.

This sharp contrast on Easter Sunday, the most important feast of the year, is symbolic of the crisis that began in the Church in the 1960s. It is a contrast between the traditional liturgical practices of the Church, and a new spirit of liturgical change that began to emerge. Read more.

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The Third Secret, Bishop Schneider and

Archbishop Viganò

In a previous newsletter, we described the role that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has played since August of 2018 in explaining the present crisis in the Church.  More recently, in an interview granted to the Portuguese web site Dies Irae, Archbishop Viganò has turned to Our Lady of Fatima, as many before him have done, in order to find an explanation for the present crisis, and he did so by appealing to the Third Secret of Fatima.  His analysis, however, is based upon the nearly twenty years of speculation which suggests that the Vatican did not publish the complete Third Secret on June 26, 2000.  A different position on this question was taken in 2019 by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, with the publication of Christus Vincit. Read more.

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Two Spiritual Books on

the Passion



A Contemplative Journey to Calvary

by E. Mary Christie

2011  93 pages  / paperback / approximately 6" x 9"

$14.00  #4907

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By a Mistress of Novices

Member of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Reprint of the 1922 edition

2017 305 pages, hardcover $16 #88185

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Comments on the CBI by Dr. Barbara Berfanger,
Former President of St. Mary’s College, Kansas:

Recently I learned about the release of the Catholic Bibliographical Index by Preserving Christian Publications. My experience in research and in teaching led me to recognize quickly and without doubt that this Index offers an immense, rich resource about works by Catholic authors. Read more...


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