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Preserving Christian Publications is a non-profit organization and was "accidentally" founded during the Fall of 1983 when John Parrot was required to sell off his parent's library of nearly 900 books due to the pending sale of their house.

Assisted by his friend, Francis Panakal, and the example of an acquaintance who was a secondhand bookseller, John's initial catalog was a 4-page insert for a Catholic church's newsletter.  Gradually over the years, the catalog expanded into the current 24-page version that PCP's fans expectantly await to arrive in their mailboxes.

In 1993, Brian Pouliot joined PCP and began to share in the adventures of saving rare and classic Catholic books, which once, included going through a dumpster rented to haul off discarded books from a religious house that was being demolished.  In all, through PCP's efforts, over 100,000 secondhand books have been put back into "circulation" around the world and thereby into the hands and minds of readers for their edification.

In 1988, PCP entered into the world of printing by actually reprinting some of the classic books that it had stored on its shelves.  Since then, our initial efforts to have out-of-print books made freshly available has resulted in the reprinting of nearly 50 books (some of which in the meantime have been discontinued).