Archbishop Viganò and Bishop

Schneider Discuss the Council

Two members of the hierarchy have recently issued statements about the doctrinal and historical significance of the Second Vatican Council, and the debates that have dominated the Church ever since the Council concluded nearly fifty-five years ago. Both of these prelates, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, agree on the essential nature of the doctrinal and moral crisis within the Church in our time. But nuances of differences appeared when Archbishop Viganò, after quoting important observations made by Bishop Schneider, disagreed with some of his historical comparisons.

A primary example they discuss is that of the Council of Constance, which included in one of its decrees a statement understood as reflecting the error of conciliarism, which had to be corrected after that Council, and by the Pope. Bishop Schneider sees this as an example of ambiguity or error in a conciliar document, concluding that there are similar ambiguities in the documents of Vatican II, which also need to be corrected by a subsequent Magisterium.

Archbishop Viganò, on the other hand, does not believe that earlier ecumenical councils can be understood in this way, and holds that Vatican II is unique among all the ecumenical councils, and therefore must be evaluated differently. Read More.


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Catholic Solidarity and American Civil Strife

When Archbishop Viganò recently wrote to President Donald Trump, providing guidance and support, some might have seen his letter as a case of a bishop’s political involvement.  However, in the first chapter of Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism, Juan Donoso Cortés explained how “every great political question always involves a great theological question.”  The racial strife spreading throughout the United States after a white police officer took the life of a black man in Minneapolis illustrates the thesis of Donoso’s book.  Cain took the life of his brother Abel – Donoso Cortés explains – after having refused, unlike Abel, to offer a bloody sacrifice to God.  Unwilling to offer an animal sacrifice, Cain killed his brother instead of an animal, and all history has been a continual record of such taking of human life.  But the remedy that was offered was not a violent revolution and occurred instead when the Son of God offered His own blood on the Cross to redeem the human race.

Juan Donoso Cortés develops his explanation by demonstrating the effects of sin on human society. Read More.

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Archbishop Viganò, Fatima and Civitavecchia

Dr. Maike Hickson emerged in 2016 as a leading controversialist in discussions about Fatima, when, on Pentecost Sunday of that year, she wrote an article about a telephone conversation she had with the late Father Ingo Dollinger.  On various occasions, Father Dollinger, who had personal contact with Cardinal Ratzinger, stated that he had been told by the future Benedict XVI that there was more to the Third Secret than what had been published by the Vatican.  On Saturday of that week, the Vatican published a denial, quoting Benedict XVI himself. Then in 2019 Bishop Athanasius Schneider stated in his book Christus Vincit that one could not adhere to the theory of a missing document of the Secret, because it would call into question the honesty of Benedict XVI.  However, in 2020, the highly respected Archbishop Viganò made statements supporting the theory of a missing document, and Maike Hickson and others cited his comments to support their thesis.

More recently Dr. Hickson has added another detail to her analysis, this time in an article about statements of Archbishop Viganò relating to reports of revelations of Our Lady beginning in 1995 in Civitavecchia, near Rome, to the young girl Jessica Gregori and to her family.  According to Archbishop Viganò’s account, this event is related to the Third Secret of Fatima. Read More.

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