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Ten Years Later

Christmas Day, 2016 was the tenth anniversary of the death of Brian Pouliot’s six-year-old daughter Bernadette, who at that time had been the youngest living child of Brian and his wife Rosalind. It was on that Christmas Eve that Bernadette showed the first symptoms of leukemia. Then seven months later Rosalind herself also passed away from cancer. It was on August 2, the feast of St. Alphonsus, the patron saint of their youngest boy, who had died ten days after birth while held in Rosalind’s arms in a hospital room in June of 2003. Brian himself baptized Alphonsus in the hospital, not being able to take him to church for baptism by a priest.

After a year of stress and sorrow from the deaths of Rosalind and Bernadette, Brian suffered two heart attacks on January 4, 2008. After his recovery he resumed normal activities in his barn, which he had converted into PCP’s office and warehouse more than a decade earlier. But without Rosalind to homeschool his three youngest children – Monique, Jerome and Colette – he entrusted them to the care of a generous family in Oklahoma City for the 2007-2008 school year. In the meantime his oldest son, Dominique, spent four years in the Marine Corps from 2006 to 2010, and now works in the Boonville area as an accountant, the only other family member still in the area and therefore available to help when needed. His next son, Thomas, was married to his wife Hannah in 2009, and they are living with their three children in Oklahoma City, where he works for the railroad. His next son, Benedict, entered Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Silver City, New Mexico in 2008, taking the name of Brother John the Baptist. Monique married her husband Michael in 2014, and they live along with their baby son in Arkansas, while Jerome and Colette are back in Oklahoma City, Jerome working as a carpenter, and Colette attending college.

On Saturday, November 26, 2016 Brian suffered another tragedy, falling off a ladder and causing multiple fractures in his back and neck. The accident could have been much worse, expecially if he had seriously injured his head, but God spared him a second time, just as He had done after the two heart attacks in 2008.

After two decades of working together, Brian and I have become totally dependent upon one another in the work of PCP. If something were to happen to either one of us, we do not know of any way the other could possibly continue alone. With braces on his back and neck, Brian has been recovering and has gradually resumed his normal activities “in the barn.” God in His Providence has evidently decided to give us the means to continue this work.

This new year, 2017, is a very significant one in the history of the Church. Although we do not know the future, and therefore we do not pretend to know what specifically the new year will bring, it is the centenary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. As Catholics throughout the world focus their attention on this anniversary, we know that Our Lady will hear their prayers and be attentive to their manifestations of devotion. One year before her death in 2007, Brian’s wife Rosalind consecrated herself to Our Lady according to the method of St. Louis de Montfort. The consecration to Our Lady surrenders everything to Her, and She guides everything better than we can guide ourselves. In this anniversary year of Fatima, it is Our Lady who guides the Church, including in times of war and persecution, and therefore it is Our Lady of Fatima to whom we also wish to dedicate the work that we do in promoting traditonal Catholic literature.

– John Parrot