Why Was the Third Secret of Fatima

Not Released in 1960?

An Interview with

Antonio Augusto Borelli Machado

Catolicismo, October 2016, volume 66, number 790

Translated from the Portuguese

For the complete Interview with Antonio Borelli Machado, click here.




Communion in the Hand:

Documents & History

by Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise


Bishop Athanasius Schneider in the foreword to the Italian edition:

“The book of Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise and his pastoral initiatives concerning the manner of receiving Holy Communion reflect the spirit and the attitude of the Church Fathers, who have cultivated with loving care and with apostolic firmness the purity of the lex credendi and also inseparably the lex orandi....

“I consider it an honor and joy to be able to present this book of the most esteemed Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise, ‘decus episcoporum Argentinae.’ I hope this prophetic voice of an elderly bishop, who has retained his youth and purity of faith and reverent love for the Eucharistic mystery, may enkindle readers with the same faith and the same love and contribute to the universal restoration of the more sacred and reverent manner of receiving the Lord's Body. In fact, every true Catholic and even more every true priest of Christ must love, worship and defend Jesus in the Eucharist.”

From Bishop Laise’s Preface to the 2013 Edition:

“...I presented the priests... the decree from Rome and the content of the Instruction Memoriale Domini. Unanimously they agreed that, for the good of the faithful, the discipline should be respected that was clearly confirmed by the Pope, that is to say, the practice of giving Communion exclusively on the tongue should be maintained.” Read more...




Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael

From the foreword by Bishop Athanasius Schneider

“In his book Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael,” writes Bishop Athanasius Schneider, “Mr. Kevin Symonds presents a very careful and competent historical research about the origin and the circumstances of the publication of the prayer to St. Michael....Furthermore he gives also a rich spiritual reflection on the Divine truth about the Holy Angels, the fallen angels and the reality and necessity of the spiritual battle. Mr. Symonds’ book is indeed very relevant for our times. May this book become widespread and raise to many Catholics—especially the clergy—a new awareness of the necessity to use the spiritual means which God and His Church have given us in order to fight against the infiltration and attacks of the evil spirits.”   Read more...




Preserving Christian Publications

is proud to announce the release of

The Catholic Bibliographical Index

Comments on the CBI by Dr. Barbara Berfanger,
Former President of St. Mary’s College, Kansas:

Recently I learned about the release of the Catholic Bibliographical Index by Preserving Christian Publications. My experience in research and in teaching led me to recognize quickly and without doubt that this Index offers an immense, rich resource about works by Catholic authors. Read more...


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